The Enigmatic Accumulation of Over $3 Billion in Bitcoin by an Unknown Entity

The enigmatic saga of "Mr. 100," an unknown entity that has amassed over $3 billion in Bitcoin over 15 months, unfolds as a gripping narrative in the cryptocurrency world. This figure, characterized by their daily acquisition of an average of 100 bitcoins since November 2022, now stands as one of the most formidable holders of the currency.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rise of “Mr. 100”
  3. The Possible Identity of the Bitcoin Colossus
  4. The Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market
  5. FAQs


In a stealthy financial maneuver spanning the last fifteen months, an enigmatic figure or entity has amassed a staggering amount of Bitcoin, positioning themselves as one of the cryptocurrency’s largest holders amidst anticipations of market highs. According to insights from Bitinfocharts, this entity, referred to as “Mr. 100” for their pattern of acquiring an average of 100 bitcoins daily since November 2022, now possesses over 54,164 BTC, valued at approximately $3.2 billion.

The Rise of “Mr. 100”

“Mr. 100″‘s accumulation strategy, marked by consistent daily purchases from November 2022, hints at either a single investor’s ambitious play or the strategic moves of an investment fund or financial institution exploring the potentials of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Despite the speculation, the true nature of “Mr. 100” remains shrouded in mystery, with Amberdata’s Director of Research, Chris Martin, expressing skepticism towards the entity being an ETF due to the transparency typically associated with such funds.

The Possible Identity of the Bitcoin Colossus

The sources of the Bitcoin accumulation, primarily Binance and KuCoin, alongside the U.S. Government’s substantial Bitcoin holdings, valued at over $12 billion, add layers to the speculation. Martin, however, casts doubt on a U.S. origin for “Mr. 100,” suggesting the possibility of an international fund. This theory aligns with the global interest in cryptocurrency, notably from regions like Hong Kong, which is currently reviewing numerous applications for crypto custodianship.

The Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market

The activity of “Mr. 100” comes at a time of heightened enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency domain, with significant investments flowing into Bitcoin and its ETFs, signaling a robust bull market. Additionally, the cryptocurrency landscape has witnessed other notable movements, including the activation of long-dormant Bitcoin wallets, further invigorating market dynamics.


Q: Who is “Mr. 100”? A: “Mr. 100” is the nickname given to an unidentified entity that has been purchasing an average of 100 bitcoins daily since November 2022.

Q: Could “Mr. 100” be a government or a bank? A: While the exact identity of “Mr. 100” is unknown, the use of Binance and KuCoin for transactions suggests a non-U.S. origin, potentially ruling out American governmental or banking entities.

Q: What does this mean for the Bitcoin market? A: The consistent accumulation of Bitcoin by “Mr. 100” and the revival of dormant wallets indicate a growing optimism in the cryptocurrency market, possibly heralding a sustained bull market.

Q: Is this accumulation related to the Bitcoin halving event? A: According to Chris Martin from Amberdata, it’s unlikely that “Mr. 100″‘s Bitcoin purchases are directly preparing for the Bitcoin halving event. The strategy may be more aligned with supporting the ongoing price increase rather than accumulating tokens for a specific occasion.

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