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Full Stack Developer

Lead and innovate in our software development projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain advanced software systems.
  • Collaborate with teams to integrate new technologies.
  • Mentor junior developers and contribute to code reviews.


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science/related field. (Optional)
  • 3+ years of software development experience.
  • Proficiency in Python, Java, Html. (Node.js, Vite.js, MongoDB and Figma)

Marketing Expert

Drive the development and execution of innovative marketing

Key Responsibilities:

  • Craft and implement comprehensive marketing plans.
  • Lead digital marketing campaigns, optimizing our online presence.
  • Engage with our community, fostering strong relationships.


  • Proven experience in digital marketing, brand management, or related fields.
  • Skilled in content creation, SEO, social media, and analytics.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for startup culture and growth.

AI/ML Engineer

Development of machine learning models to drive trading analytics and insights.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.
  • Build drafts of ML models and test MVPs.
  • Apply AI for financial and trading analytics.


  • Experience in machine learning, AI, or data science.
  • Proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.
  • Passionate about startup growth and tech innovation

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